Respiratory problem in 5yr boy

Patient: Hi, I have been to almost every paed in my Town and no one seems to be able to help. When my son was one he started getting chest infections, bronchitis, croup, etc. Every time this happens he needs to be hospitalized and put on oxygen for about 3 -5 days depending and sometimes his oxygen still drops while on the oxygen, as well as adrenalin nebs every 4 hours and Asperlone.He couldn’t be left alone until he was 4yrs old as he would have “asthma” like symptom, coughing, shortness of breath, squeaky voice, red face that would come on suddenly but no asthma medication would help for longer than an hour as in Ventolin pump. He would also stop breathing at night for more than 20 seconds at a time and I would have to wake him up continuously, he is now old enough now that his own body wakes him up.He has had a scope done in his lungs that showed no abnormalities, except slightly low immune system scores.His adenoids where completely overgrown and were removed as well as his tonsils, he can now breath through his nose .We spend almost one week out of every month to every second month in hospital on oxygen which can drop down into the 70s within a few hours and it takes approximately 3-4hours to get it up again.He randomly gets very high temperatures of 40 with no other symptoms.He has had a heart test which found no irregularities but it was suggested that perhaps there is a hole between the lungs and heart which may explain the drop in oxygen when he gets sick.He had a “milk” test down which showed acid aspiration going into the lungs, he took Losec Mups for 1year and without any further tests being down he has been taken off it by paed instructions.He is always coughing with a runny nose and vomiting.He takes allergy medication and nose sprays every day as well as steriods and adrenalin for lungs.This year has been extremely bad and it seems as he is getting worse not better, he has missed 8 weeks of school.In the last 4 weeks he was hospitalized for one week with croup and a lung infection, on oxygen for 5 days and oxygen dropped on the 3rd day. The following week he apparently had a viral infection which caused temperatures of over 40 with coughing.The 3rd week he was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis and put on 10 days antibiotics that was supposed to be especially for lungs.The 4th week which is where we are now after 9 days of antibiotics same symptoms are coming back, battling to breath and coughing.All the paeds and specialists seem to do is change medication, he is getting worse and no one seems to want to find out what is causing everything especially the hectic drop in oxygen and why it drops so quickly.Asthma preventatives and general asthma medication doesnt work it only provides relief for approximately 2hrs.When he is battling to breath I was told to give him 7 puffs of Ventolin in a spacer but I have to do it every 2hrs.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Symptoms: Coughing, wheezing, low oxygen