Restarting Birth Control

Patient: So I’ve been on birth control for about a year and I ran out of pills before my new prescription came in. In hopes to keep my period regular, I didn’t take my new pack for a month, but my period is three days late. I know I am not pregnant because I have not had sex since my last period. I also know that not having a period can be normal after stopping birth control. I want to get back on the pill, so can I start my new pill pack when I normally would even if I don’t have my period?

Symptoms: Late period

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting ATD for an opinion.If you have missed your previous pack last month due to unavailabil ity and have been delayed by 3 days now. It is advisable that you wait for your menses to return to start the fresh pack from day 1 of the fresh menstrual cycle. If you happen to start now before menses then there are chances that you may experience inter-menstrual bleeding which may be scanty to prolonged and may even constitute clots. So its advisable to wait for your menses to resume.I hope i have answered your concerns,regards