Retroplacental collection

Patient: My wife is 9 week pregnant. as per doctors prescription she is having following medicine:1. Strone 100 (one tab x twice daily)2. Pan 40 (one tab in empty stomach)3. Doxinate (one tab twice dayly before meal)4. fallvite (one tab x bed time)5. vitazime (two teaspoonful twice daily after meal)6. Bprotin ( as protin drink)Her last menstruation before conceved was on 14-06-11. on last saturday when she went to the bathroom in the morning (after wake up), she found little blood on her hand and show me, it is light red in colour. I called doctor (my brothers wife is a gynecologist and resides away from our place) she suggested gonadotropin (Hucog 5000 injection) immediately and said that it will continue once in a week upto 3.5 months. She also suggested for an usg lower abdonmen. I have been done the usg from my local diagonosis centre. The report said that retroplacental collection seen but baby is living and bpm is 175 . foeatal movement found etc. Doctor suggest complete bed rest She is only allowed to go to the toilet with the help of anyone.I want to know that what is retroplacental collection and I have any fear about my baby and wife or not.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. From your description, it is ascertained that your wife’s pregnancy is high risk, and the b ed rest she has been prescribed is to reduces the chances of miscarriage. The restroplacental collection commonly refers to bleeding behind the placenta, as found on ultrasonography. Retroplacental hemorrhaging (bleeding) can occur when if the placenta becomes partially or completely detached from the uterus. A detached placenta during pregnancy is referred to as Abruptu placentae, and is a life threatening condition to the baby and mother. It is possible that your wife is experiencing a partial plactental abruption which requires her to take the list of medications as well as have bed rest for the duration of her pregnancy. This will assist in the adequate placental nutrition of the growing fetus, along with reducing the risk of a complete abruption. Please strictly follow these instructions to ensure the life of your baby and any adverse complications with you wife. We hope this information has helped wishes you and your wife a safe an uncomplicated delivery of a healthy baby.