Return to Play (RTP) after a Mild Concussion

Patient: How long should I wait to play football after getting a minor concussion???

Doctor: After your initial evaluation and treatment for the concussion, you should be referred for follow-up to your doctor or t o a neurologist to make sure that there are not subtle symptoms as: memory deficits, personality changes, headaches, possibly as consequence of the concussion and provide you  medical clearance to return to play(RTP), following a step-wise protocol with provisions for delayed RTP based on return of any signs or symptoms . Most likely if you had a single, mild, isolated concussion; generally you have a great chance of showing a very good outcome with few or none long-term side effects. It is very important that in the future you use the protective headgear at all times while practicing football, because just this single measure can decrease a lot the risks of further concussions.