Rhinitis and thick white mucus

Patient: I’ve been experiencing (according to my PCP) rhinitis for about a month and a half to two months. It has been causing some “trouble” swallowing because of the thick muchus going down my throat (that’s what she says). I even got a soft tissue X-Ray of my throat and it was a normal X-Ray (nothing weird was found). I haven’t seen an ENT yet, but, today I looked at the back of my throat and I clearly saw some thick white mucus on the back of my throat (and some huge tonsils as well). No congestion has been experienced at all.Is this thick white mucus what’s causing that difficulty swallowing? Is it normal to experience post-nasal drip for about two months? I’ve been using Nasonex and Claritin D24. Your advise is really appreciated.

Symptoms: Large tonsils, thick post nasal drip, some difficulty swallowing (with mild globus sensation).