Rhinoplasty help!!!!

Patient: I had a rhinoplasty done 3 months ago amd still have a bump and bruise on the bridge of my nose. Is this normal? Also I can already tell overall that there was not enough bone shaved off because the profile view of my nose still makes me sad and is nothing like what I wanted. How long do I need to wait before a revision? Any comments would be awesome. Thanks!

Doctor: Thank you for your question and welcome to ask the doctor.We often tell patients to wait at least 6 months following rhinoplasty surgery before considering any revision surgery. The reason is that it takes that long for all of the final swelling to dissipate, allowing you to see the final result. That being said, if there is still a bony prominence, it is possible that not enough bone or cartilage was resected at your initial operation. Speak to your surgeon about your concerns and if they are not receptive, feel free to make an appointment with another plastic surgeon for a second opinion.