Rhinoplasty or plastic surgeon

Patient: Looking for a rhinoplasty Dr internationally that has a great record doing complex septa/rhinoplasty. I have had my nose broken and had three surgeries that were paid by my province. I then paid to have my 4th surgery in Toronto in January 2015 and still very unsatisfied. In fact, it is all I can think about and is impacting my wellbeing. I have done a lot of research and still do not know who to go to. Hope there is someone in your network that you might know of.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your history of nasal trauma, you already have 4 surgeries.You are still not satisfied by the results of the previous one.I can suggest you some things that may be the firsts for you please follow the basic rules if you want the best results out of the already disgruntling results for you:-First of all do nothing till you complete 9 months from the last surgery, i.e. till Oct 2015. Let the body take its own course, let there be sufficient healing for the clear picture to be seen for a better plan for the next Surgery.- by virtue of the training in the functional as well as aesthetic