Rhlg shot necessary?

Patient: Question regarding Rhlg shot for expectant mother. Father is O-, Mother is A-. Mother had two miscarriages and is now 6 months pregnant. Doctor neglected to give her Rhlg shot — is there any risk for the baby or mother?

Symptoms: Prenatal complications

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The question of Rh immunisation comes only when the mother is Rh negative and her partner is Rh positive,then there is a possibility that baby can be Rh positive and affect the future pregnancies, in that case even after a miscarriage, we give Anti D injections. There is also a test available to know how far the present pregnancy is affected, called indirect coomb’s test and the doctor may wish to do the same.Since the father’s blood group is negative, hence the doctor did not give the injections after miscarriage.There is not much of a risk in this case, affecting the present pregnancy.However, you may do the indirect coomb’s test if the doctor suggests.As the father is also negative for Rh factor I don’t think there is a need to worry about a Rh immunisation.Hope this helped.Regards