Right ankle pain for three weeks and no trauma antecedent

Patient: Dear doctor, My right ankle is paining since last three weeks, when i walk short distances or stand on ancle it pains more and it happens round the house to when it happens i get pain at the round of my both ankle i had never injuird myself in anyway and dosent hurt till it gives pain on me which is causing me problems in my everyday life, i had skipped some lunch and dinner few weeks back due to heavy work load, i m just a softare engineer not a sports person, i m not able to walk properly please help.it also paining at the lower end point of my backbone spine and on right elbo joint, but the ancle pain is more and it is increasing day by day

Doctor: Usually the ankle pain and swelling is the result of an injury to the foot or lower leg area that affected the tendons, muscles, cartilage or blood vessels. But when the pain is present without antecedent of injury, this may indicate an underlying medical condition. Different kinds of arthritis may cause ankle pain, the most common one is Osteoarthritis, this form of arthritis can affect any joint, including the ankles, and causes pain, stiffness and swelling during or after movement. Ankles are impacted by fluid leakage when you sit or stand in one position for too long or from excessive amounts of sodium in your diet. This cause of swelling is not necessarily painful unless other medical conditions exist, such as chronic leg vein insufficiency, which also causes pressure and weakening of the legs. To decrease the incidence of painful swollen ankles from fluid leakage and retention, you should avoid sitting or standing in the same position for too long, decrease your daily sodium intake and exercise regularly. I suggest that you visit your physician if this pain in the ankles persists.