Right lower abdominal pain

Patient: Hey. question so is it normal to have a sharp electric pain on your right abdomen? because it has been happening to me and it just comes and goes and it just happen to me again and it was 10 times worse then the last one i couldn’t move or do anything until the pain sropped

Symptoms: Sharp electric pain, when this happens i cant move till the pain ends

Doctor: Thank you for your question. No this is not a normal sensation. Whenever we receive a question on pain that is located i n the right side of the abdomen, we are often concerned that this may be appendicitis. This can precent with sharp pain in the right lower portion of the abdomen which can be so severe, that movement becomes impossible. For this reason we strongly recommend that you go to your nearest urgent care center or emergency department for a full evaluation of your abdominal pain. The only treatment option for appendicitis is surgery, because rupture of the appendix can lead to a severe infection of the abdomen and internal bleeding. Please seek medical attention immediately.Thank you for consulting AskTheDoctor.com