Right Masseter Muscle is Bigger

Patient: My right masseter muscle is bigger …is it because i always chew that side. Please see the picture I have attached to this question.

Right Masseter Muscle is Bi...-1

Doctor: Dear Patient,Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, Is is difficult for me to tell with any deal of accuracy t he cause of your cheek asymmetry. In the absence of being able to physically examine you, it is impossible to say whether it is due to the muscle (masseter), fat (buccal fat pad), bone or a subcutaneous mass. If it is indeed from your masseter, it would not be caused by chewing on that side. The mandible (lower jaw) is a single U-shaped piece of bone and when we chew, it does not matter on which side. The force required to close the jaw is distributed equally to both sides. It would be important to have the nature of the swelling assessed by a physician to rule out the possibility of a tumor. Some imaging may be required to better delineate the mass.Good luck.