Right side pain around the body.

Patient: Hi. Thanks for being ready online. I have a problem which is bothering me for three days now.One week ago i felt some pains around my belly which i thought they were some cold simptoms. I could feel some pains whichcould come and go quickly and i thought maybe its a cold thing and it would pass away by drinking some mountain tea but it wasnt so. Yesterday i felt worse and i had pain all around my right side of the body where pancreas and liver are and now i feel like the liver has swallen and now it brings me pain and last night i could not sleep a at all because of pain in both sides cause i have pain under my chest at the right side and behind my back but still not high but it might be pancreas or something else i do not know. Until yesterday i thought i had catch a cold which got inside me during the night and then the damp goes inside my body moving back and forward but yesterday i felt this swalling ball inside me which is very near the stomach and i can feel the pain back and at the front but always in the right side of my body. I sought about these simptomps in the internet and what i found was that i might have a infection of the liver because of some hepatitis . My simptoms look very much like an infected liver cause i feel some small pains sometimes under the right shoulder but it could be a cold which has iinfected the liver too who knows. I am not a doctor but i speak according to what i sought at in the web. I am 29 years old,and i am not an alcoholic and not a smoker too. The only alcohol i might consume is two beers per week. I want to say something else. During these days my brother had a very bad experience with high temperature and hicough afterwords and he had pains just like i do in his right side but then he told me that he got healed after a week or two. Now my problem is that i feel that i have a swallen balloon right near to stomach and the whole skin on my right side when i touch it seems like my skin burns. I do not have any outward signs in my body though. I hope you could give an advice concerning this. Thanks