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Right side sharp pain, sore to the touch, warmth numbness?

Dear Ask The Doctor:
About a week ago I got a sharp needle like pain in my lower right abdomen along with cramping in my lower back, almost felt like mentrual cramps but it was in my back. Shortly after I had the same needle like pain right next to my belly button on the right side. It was almost like pulsing. I then noticed that both areas were very tender to touch and still are. I got a sharp shooting pain inside my bellybutton that went down to my pelvis too. It hurts when I bend over just right, next to my bellybutton, or when I lean on something. Now, about 24 hours ago I noticed a warm sensation in my right abdomen that radiates to my back and it almost feels like my skin is numb there. What could this be? I am kind of freaking out.


The cause of your abdominal pain may be due to appendicitis, urinary tract infection, pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian cyst, muscular strain, ectopic pregnancy or constipation. In your case, since the pain has continued 24 hours, I would suggest that you see a physician for a physical examination and diagnostic tests. A urinalysis, ultrasound and abdominal x-ray may be required to diagnose the cause of pain abdomen. Treatment will depend on the cause, I wish you well, take care.

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