Right waist always gets pain

Patient: Hello , My friend recently called me today and told me about her situation, she just realized that her right waist always gets in pain and barely on the left, and she also told she just felt pain in the middle of her chest starting yesterday, and she feels like her chest gets heavier and it’ll get more painful if she laughs too much or become sad, she also told me that she can’t sleep sideways due to excessive pain in her waist

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.It looks like the symptoms your friend has is more related to costochondritis, a rib in flammation, which could be due to some trauma over the area or even a muscle pull or spasm. The other possibility could be gastritis. It is advised that she avoid oily and junk food and drink plenty of water daily and have antacids. Consult a Doctor for an examination and further management based on the diagnosis.Hope this helped.Regards