Ripped Foreskin I dont Know What To Do!

Patient: Hi so my boyfriends foreskin is ripped and has been for a while now is foreskin dont open (its not completely shut) but he has trouble urinating and when he is done he gets drips on his boxers cause the foreskin wont “open” what can we do is there like a creme he could use or do we have to get him circumsized?

Symptoms: Foreskin problem, wont open fully or stretch

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to per details, it seems that he has been suffering from the fungal infection and its complications.In such cases, I prefer to give antibiotics oral and topical first along with antifungals. If within 1-2 weeks, no response is seen, circumcision is advised so as to prevent further complications.Keep the area clean and dry.I will advice you to visit your doctor so that he can examine him properly and give prescription.I hope it helps.Stay healthy.