Rising elevated Ck level.

Patient: Hello sirI’m 22 years old male I weigh 100 kgI do some intense training with weights at the gym.i got a blood test done and my ck has rised through out the years, it is at the moment 4000 and its the highest its ever been .I’m having a very hard time gaining muscle mass and strength and with a lot of effort.i constantly feel catabolic and it drives me crazy because I’m putting in a lot of effort.i eat about 300 G protein dailyI’ve spoken to my doctor and his sent me to specialist and I got no help from themI understand that ck should be higher in people who trainBut is it too highDo you know if that may be the reason for no progression in the gym cAnd what I can do to lower my ck if it is the reasonAny help would be appreciatedThank you sir

Symptoms: Tired catabolic

Doctor: Hello, Welcome to Ask The Doctor.CK is an important protein enzyme found in different muscles and organs in your bod y, including your skeletal muscle, brain and heart. It plays an important role in metabolism. Exercising may hurt your muscles even more. You should ask your Doctor about how much exercise is ok for the body.These are few home remedies that will help you to lower your CK levels:-Eat foods that are known to lower your cholesterol.-Eat foods that are high in soluble fiber: Foods like oats, legumes, prunes, apples, carrots, and broccoli keep your intestines from absorbing too much cholesterol.-Eat more garlic.-Having green tea helps you to lower you CK levels too.-Increase your intake of vitamin C. Try to consume 45 mg of vitamin C daily.