Risk of Poliovirus infection in not imunized children

Patient: My brother (now 28 yo) infected by polio when he was child, paralyzed his right leg (deformed leg). My question is: is he still carry the virus? I have a 5 months old baby and he frequently have a contact with his uncle (my brother) as we are living together. I am afraid that my baby will infected by contagious virus that my brother possibly carried. FYI: I haven’t immunized my baby.

Doctor: Certainly not, your brother had the infection many years ago with consequences; however this does not mean that the viru s is still active in him.On the other hand, your children are at increased risk of contracting polio if they haven’t been immunized against the disease. In areas with poor sanitation and sporadic or nonexistent immunization programs, the most vulnerable members of the population are the very young and those with weakened immune systems are especially susceptible to poliovirus. They might be at risk if they are traveling anywhere there’s a risk of polio.If you were a previously vaccinated adult who plans to travel to an area where polio is occurring, you should also receive a booster dose of inactivated poliovirus (IPV). Due to the fact that there is no cure for Polio, prevention is the best measure. I hope I cleared your doubt.