Risk of Recurrent Post Partum Hemorrhage

Patient: Will it be safe for me to get pregnant again after i have had two postpartum haemorrages with my 2nd and third child. the first time i lost 1500ml and the second time ilost 1000ml.can i have another child

Doctor: Postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) is a potentially life-threatening complication of both vaginal and cesarean deliveries. Sinc e you’ve have 2 previous history of post pastum hemorrhage, this makes you at extreme risk for another postpartum hemorrhage in the next. Though there can be no proper explanation as to why this occurs, factors such as a retained placenta or underlying medical disorders may account for the majority of recurrent PPH cases. If you are planning for pregnancy, it is very important for you to speak with your OBGYN. Steps to minimize hemorrhagic complications include the identification of any underlying complications, vigilant management of the third stage of labor, and having uterotonic medications readily available in the delivery room.