Risks of a second vasectomy

Patient: My boyfriend has a vasectomy done almost 2 years ago now, I had recently found out that I was pregnant and he decided to have his sperm tested again and the test came back with active sperm… will he be able to have another vasectomy done? are there additional risk involved with having it done a second time? and is there still a chance that the tubes will grow back together again? Thank you for your time and help with these questions.

Doctor: Your boyfriend will be able to have another vasectomy procedure done.The second operation will be a more difficult than the first since there will be some scar tissue present from the first operation. The presence of the scar also increases the risk of complication such as bleeding or even inability to adequately identify structures. A skilled and experience surgeon should have minimal difficulty in performing the procedure. There is always a chance that the second operation can fail and your boyfriend remains fertile, however, this is highly unlikely.