Rogaine Side Effects (used with clompihene)

Patient: I’m a 22 year old male who has been dealing with hair loss over the last couple of years. About 2 weeks ago, I finally started to use Rogaine. I’ve been experiencing strange mental side-effects, such as an inability to focus and mood swings. I’m also on clomiphene for low testosterone. Perhaps the Rogaine is interfering with that medication? Questions:1. Can I use a lesser dose and achieve regrowth? (Hairloss is contained in small area of temples)2. Are minoxidil and clomiphene safe to use together?If there’s anyway I can avoid stopping usage, it’d be VERY preferred! I’ve noticed symptom severity to be correlated with dosage. Am I just overly sensitive to minoxidil? If so, would I be able to use less while achieving the same effects?Thank you.

Symptoms: Brain fog, mood swings