Rotator Cuff popping with neck and back pain and stiffness

Patient: What I am feeling at this stage may be awkward but still this is the case. I had a crack in my right shoulder on rotation or overhead movement. I have seen multiple specialists and was diagnosed with a rotator cuff issue though my MRI at the time did not show anything wrong. They told me to rest my shoulder but the condition got worse. I then went to a gym and focused on light weight exercises targeting to joint itself, i felt better afterwards.After a while, though my shoulder was feeling better, my neck was very stiff. It has been this stiff for over a year and a half. I did not pay much attention to it as it was very bearable if you compare it to my shoulder pain earlier. After that (about 10 months ago) I started facing jaw popping and cracks if my jaw goes into translation when opening wide (yawning, chewing). Though no pain at first then stiffness and pain started developing. Many specialists (Dentists, orthopedists, chiropractors, Jaw specialists), oral devices (Jaw alignment, Night guard splints) and attempts to heal (massage, wisdom tooth removal) later, I gave up and decided to focus on my posture due to an office job etc… I rejoined the gym and started running lifting and stretching and feeling good. Until a couple of weeks ago when my shoulder started hurting again and I noticed when I lift my arm forwards in parallel at a 90 degree angle my shoulders do not look the same (one shoulder blade is closer to my neck which is the shoulder that is cracking and hurting). This is accompanied by extreme stiffness in the right back and upper shoulder and neck. If someone pinches me there or on m back and hits the pain area, I might kneel. Now there is stiffness that is leading to my right arm becoming tingly (When moving my head to the left to stretch, my right arm tingles the same feeling when blood circulation is cutoff. If i maintain the stretch position my arm will get cold and numb, which obviously means that blood circulation is getting low).Right now, I have constant pain in my arm shoulder and back on the right side, with limitation in movement. When I am trying to train my shoulder muscle i cannot do certain exercises. Presses are fine, But when i try to lift my elbow sideways with dumbbells I get hurt really bad and discontinue exercise. But I do not want to quit gym, it is very important to me right now.To recap, Shoulder cracks pain throughout the shoulder neck and back with numbness and tingling in the right arm, as well as Touching any trigger oint will make me feel and excruciating headache.Please help me, I do not want to keep visiting doctors that to my luck (The ones I am visiting) are blood sucking vampires.Thank you

Symptoms: Shoulder cracking and popping, Limited arm movement, constant pain in shoulder arm neck and back, arm numbness, stiffness and jaw popping with headache when pressuring trigger points