Wednesday, October 28, 2020

RSTR Gym (Chicago) Review

Back in November I had the pleasure of working out at the brand new RSTR Gym located in Chicago’s up and coming south loop. The gym was founded by a childhood friend of mine and former Chicago Bear, Israel Idonije.

Inside Chicago’s newest gym, RSTR

From the minute you walk into the gym, you are greeted by friendly staff who make you feel really welcome. One of my favorite parts of RSTR was some of the motivational quotes along the wall. This one quote really stuck out in my mind:

“CONSISTENCY OVER INTENSITY” is a philosophy that Israel and all the other instructors at RSTR live by. What I love about this saying is that it applies not only to your workout but to all other areas of life.

The workout I attended was a 6:30 am, 30 minute High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class that included exercises on the assault bike, SkiErg and a weighted sled. Let me tell you the 30 minutes was intense but exactly what my body needed and more importantly it got my mind sharp for the rest of the day.

The class I attended was ran by Israel himself. What really helped me get through the workout was all the positivity and encouraging words from him and the other people in my workout group.

Some words that stuck out to me during the workout were:

  1. Start working hard while everyone else is sleeping.
  2. The world out there is a lot tougher than inside these 4 walls of the gym.
  3. If you are not constantly hydrating and taking in oxygen (ie. breathing properly), you will never burn those fat cells no matter how hard your workout is and good your diet is.

If you live in the Chicago area or are just visiting the city, I strongly recommend checking out RSTR. Not only will they challenge your body, but your mind as well.

Thank you to the whole RSTR team for a great workout and leaving me with so much positive energy.

Visit RSTR Gym online at:

Prakash Chand
Prakash Chand
Prakash Chand is a retired athlete and founder of Ask The Doctor. Throughout his life he has had the opportunity to closely train with and learn from some of the best professional athletes, coaches and entrepreneurs on the planet. His goal is to share all this privileged knowledge he has learned and promote healthy living, wellness and sport to everyone.
Positive Energy
Gym Equipment
Instructors Knowledge
Overall Atmosphere


Great gym that offers multiple HIIT classes. Atmosphere is amazing as the instructors have great skills to help motivate members.

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