Patient: My daughter is 27 weeks pregnant and was just diagnosed with Rubella. She was immunized as a child, so I’m not sure how she got it in the first place.My mother is frantic. She insists that the baby will be born broken out with the measles and will have severe birth defects, or be still born. The Infectious Disease physician did not mention any of this. Are there specific tests that they will run to check on the baby? Should we request that these be done if they are not mentioned?

Doctor: Thank you for your question. The reason why the infectious diseases specialist may not have been concerned is that your daughter is in her third trimester of pregnancy. The risk of transmitting rubella to the unborn child from the infected mother goes from 80% to 35% in the third trimester. It is not recommended for her to be given the rubella vaccine during pregnancy. In order to determine if she has rubella, she must have a rubella serological blood test performed in order to determine if she is indeed infected with rubella or another infectious disease. Please be guided accordingly.Thank you for consulting AskThe