Running out of breath quickly

Patient: For the past couple months I’ve been finding my self running out of breath quickly, I thought I was just getting out of shape, but then I realized because I am a singer when I sing I run out of breath quickly. Last night I woke up and It felt like I couldn’t get enough oxygen to my chest I was still functioning but my chest felt tight and it just felt as if I couldn’t get a big breath. I often breathe through my mouth because I find when I breathe through my nose my chest kind of feels tight. I am a 16 year old female and Im just worried of what this could be?

Doctor: Thanks for consulting ATD.Sometimes, upper respiratory congestion may present like this. Check for adenoids is to be done as it can cause difficulty in breathing through the nose. Try steam inhalation and breathing exercises to get some relief. Consult Pulmonologist or ENT physician to find the correct cause of this. Anemia should also be evaluated for as it can cause rapid exhaustion and may present with breathlessness. Investigations like CBP, X-ray, etc., are required to come to a conclusion. Wishing you a speedy recovery.