Running problems for a half marathoner

Patient: I believe I have iliotibial band syndrome, and I have a half marathon to run in 7 days. If I ice, elevate, ibuprofen, and whatnot, should I be able to run the thing without causing permanent damage? Also, it seems that I overpronate when I run, looking at my old running shoes. I’ve heard running roadside can exacerbate the ITBS, but I live in Bakersfield and.. what else can I do?

Doctor: The treatments you have described will help to alleviate your symptoms. But if you are experiencing active symptoms of I ITBS you should avoid all activities that can aggravate your symptoms. Running a half marathon will likely worsen your condition though you may not suffer permanent damage. Along with the treatment you have mentioned, physical therapy is essential to the effective treatment of this condition. A physical therapist will educate you on the various stretching exercises and ways to modify your training routine to enable faster results. Also he/she may recommend orthotics to modify faulty bio-mechanics that may be causing the ITBS.