Runny nose every morning for many hours

Patient: Hi, I’m a 24 years old male from India. Over the past 7-8 months I ‘m suffering from a weird problem. After I get up in the morning, I have a constant runny nose till late in the afternoon with occasional sneezing. There is an incessant irritation and an urge to blow the nose follows. I don’t know what its is or why its happening. I have tried changing my sleep patterns, my food habits etc to no avail. I live in a sea-side town, so the weather is really humid. What I have noticed is, the problem diminishes if I move to a place with a dry atmosphere. What amazes me is I have been staying in the same town since the last 24 years and this health issue has cropped up only since the last few months, so I’m guessing hormonal changes. My dad too has this problem, his is more pronounce though. Is there anything that can be done?

Symptoms: Runny nose, puffy eyes, sneezing, nose irritation

Doctor: You are suffering from Acute on Chronic Allergic Rhinosinusitis. This condition is mainly due to allergy/ hypersensitivi ty to some environmental agent(s) like dust mites, dust, molds, pollens, etc. A familial tendency is commonly observed in such individuals. It is important to understand that allergy is now a specialized branch of medicine and Allergy Specialists have the required expertise to manage your allergies most effectively. Hence, you should visit an Allergy Specialist close to you and get your comprehensive allergy screening and management protocols structured. Since such conditions are likely to aggravate and become more complicated in future (if not managed appropriately) you are advised not to delay the allergy work up.

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Patient: I’m really grateful for your inputs. Thank You for taking time out for answering my query. I’ll make sure to consult an allergy specialist asap. Thank you so much.