Ruptured ovarian cyst causing severe nausea.

Patient: I was in the ER sat. afternoon with a Ruptured Ovarian Cyst and was released with Lor-Tab5 and Levsin. I haven’t taken the Lor-Tab in over 12 hours because I know it will make the nausea worse. Also the cramps persist and I have had a headache since sat. I was referred to an OB but I was denied an appointment because they don’t take medicaid and I can’t pay. Should I see another DR or let it run it’s course?

Doctor: I realize your concern about ruptured ovarian cyst. The treatment is based on creating an anovulatory state or decreasin g the stimulation of the ovaries. This is accomplished by prescribing oral contraceptives. Nausea followed by vomits might also be produced by the cyst and in my opinion you should not stop taking your medications.  Levsin would help you with your gastric symptoms as well as the pain, it is also important to be evaluated later with a Gynecologist, I would suggest you to consult another physician for this. I wish you a prompt recovery.