Ruptured Vertebral Disc Treatment

Patient: Back in 07 i had a bulge disk, now 2010 i had a MRI done and was told it has ruptured. I take gabapentin for pain, but doesn’t help. I was told I might have surgery. It’s between my L5 and S1. Do you think i need this surgery and what pain med can i take to control my pain. Can’t sleep at night it hurts so bad. My job title is Administrative Clerk.

Doctor: If you have ruptured vertebral disc, surgery may be the best option for you.  You may never get adequate pain relief fro om medications alone. Nonetheless, there are a number of medications that can be used to try to control your pain. Since you are having significant pain you should ask your doctor about opiods such as morphine and Fentanyl. Ideally, you should see an orthopedic spine specialist to determine the best course of action. The surgical procedures for such a condition range from injection of pain-killers and steroids into the spine to major open surgery involving fusing the spine in the lower back.