Safe Sex and Pregnancy

Patient: I am a couple of days away from my next ‘predicted’ period.I’ve had a fairly regular cycle up until now but since my sister’s visit, I don’t know if we would ‘sync up’ and change that.However, last night, my boyfriend and I had sex when we noticed that the condom was broken. I took Plan B just to be extra sure to be on the safe side, even though I’m technically on my safe zone (non-fertile period).My boyfriend and I always used a condom when we had intercourse, but since this incident, I’ve been reflecting and realized that we always had begun with penetration without a condom until he was fully aroused. Only then he would put on a condom to continue. I am not worried about pre ejaculation, but I am left wondering if any residual semen that is left inside or around his penis from the previous session could get me pregnant when it re-enters my vagina for the following session? I could guess the answer, but would like a professional opinion.I’ve checked the calendar and found out that we were intimate on the day of my predicted ovulation so now I’m worried.Since I’ve taken the morning-after pill, I already had in mind to take the pregnancy test 2 weeks from now but if I was already at the risk of getting pregnant on my ovulation day, obviously the emergency contraceptive pill is not going to be effective.I am still going to take the pregnancy test 2 weeks from now, so I have three questions:1. Can a woman get pregnant from residual semen left inside the urethra or around the penis?2. Will Plan B become a factor in altering the result of a home pregnancy test?3. What are some of the earliest signs of pregnancy that could be detected before taking the pregnancy test?