Saliva gets stored in mouth

Patient: Hello sir.. while sleeping saliva keeps getting stored in mouth. i start dreaming about spitting saliva somewhere immediately and then suddenly i wake up with lots of saliva stored in my mouth due to which i have to go to washroom.. i happens twice or thrice a night.. it becomes difficult to sleep soon again after getting up due this and that results in less sleeping hours and i am not active the whole day because of this problem… please help..

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Your excessive salivation could possibly be due to excessive dryness of your mouth. This co uld be caused by allergies, dehydration, or even due to nutritional deficiency. As a means to protect, and moisten the oral mucosa, your salivary glands will secrete more saliva to keep your mouth lubricated. Now, you have not told us if you are suffering from any underlying illnesses, but if any of the aforementioned may be something you could be experiencing, please see your doctor to address them and have them treated. In doing so, you can overcome your symptom of excessive salivation.Thank you for consulting