Sample from bacteria prostatitis

Patient: Diagnosed with Prostatitis and with frequent prostate massages and cipro symptoms got better. After being off antibiotic for 6 weeks testicular pain is back. Doctor wants to get a sample but in the past prostate massages no fluid ever presented itself from the penis. Can a doctor injure a prostate from pushing to hard? Can a sample be given buy masturbation instead?




Symptoms: Testicular pain, sometime bladder pain

Doctor: Prostate massage is considered to be an unproven and unreccomended therapy for prostatitis.All procedures carry side effects. With prostate massage, the most common reported side effects include: spreading of infection, spreading of existing prostate cancer to other sites, injury to anorectal tissue and flare up of hemmroids.Although no longer recommended, prostate massage was considered an ideal way to obtain prostate fluid for testing of infections. A sample from masturbation would not provide a sample of prostate fluids.

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