Saturday morning 28 march I had sex with my boyfriend

Patient: Saturday morning 28 march I had sex with my boyfriend. The condom broke and all sperm came in me. I went to the bathroom and tried to clean my vagina to put all sperm out of me. maximum 4 hours later I took a morning after pill. 1 april I started to bleed like a normal period. it ended yesterday 5 april after using many tampons. but my last period was from 12-17 march. so this period came 10 days to early. i am really scared even when i do not have pregnancy symptoms. and i am scared i had this accident around my ovulation of at my ovulation day. can i be pregnant?

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.You may be pregnant. I cannot clearly say if this is the case or not. To confirm this, w ait for the date of your periods to cross. Once the periods end and a week has past, please get a preg test done.The preg test will help you decide if you are pregnant. If it is negative, do not worry. If the test is positive, please see a Doctor to see what you can do to get an abortion.All the best.