Saw Palmetto : uses in Women

Patient: Can I take Saw Palmetto supplements that are primarily intended for men? However, there is no strict restriction that women should not take it. It is Spring Valley and completely natural. The ingredients listed are Saw Palmetto, Pure Olive Oil, Glycerin and Gelatin.

Doctor: Saw Palmetto is a palm like tree that grows in certain regions of Americas and which berries’ oil extracts have many the herapeutic use. Is used primarily to treat enlarged prostate in men, but is also use in women as a Hair growth remedy, for acne, as a diuretic inn persons with high blood pressure, breast enlargement. There is no a fixed dosage, but generally 160mgs of Saw Palmetto standardized extract is enough to produce the above mentioned effects. The Saw Palmetto has not been approved by FDA as a medicine to treat any kind of disease nor tested it to find out its safety and effectiveness. For your information it has  side effects as: headache, stomach pain, diarrhea or constipation and in some cases allergic reactions (itchiness, skin rashes), it may increase the risk of bleeding in persons with blood clotting or bleeding disorders.