Say I had sex with two guys within the same day if each other. I want to know the father.

Patient: Say I had sex with two guys within the same day of eachother. One came inside of me, the other one pulled out (we didn’t wear a condom). I am now pregnant, who is more likely to be the father? The who came in me or the one who didn’t?

Doctor: Hello,It is likely that the one who ejaculated inside your vagina is more likely to be the father of the child compar ed to the one who preferred a pull out method and didn’t ejaculate. Even though if there had been a pre cum ejaculate which may also cause pregnancy , but in that case , it would be around 13 weeks-16 weeks of pregnancy when an amniocentesis can be done to aspirate metal amniotic fluid and subjected to DNA analysis for confirmation of paternity issue.That would be the best way to ascertain the paternity, though by history the likelihood of the one who ejaculated seems higher.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health ,regards