Scab problem on face

Patient: Hey guys,So recently i found a random patch on my face ( small) , it didn’t look like a scab so i just removed it thinking it was just dry skin. I put aloevera on it and when i woke up, it turned into sort of pinkish skin….. So rite now i completely covered it with aloe vera cream, and even rubbed some first. I have access to neosporin, vaseline, all home items,and aloe vera. Is the pink skin just new skin that’s healing, or a scar? I had something similar to this before on my face as well, and i just kept applying aloe vera on it and now 4 months later its disappearing but is very light brown spot, how long will it take to change from the brown mark to my regular skin color? Also, for th efirst one i had i dint put neosporin on it, just aloe, so do u guys think i should cover it with neosporin instead because i really don’t want a brown mark!