Scalp Pain and Painful Hair from Styling Tools

Patient: I recently used some cheap bobby pins as a styling tool. Recently, however, I noticed that they caused me a lot of scalp and hair pain and have discontinued their use. To relieve the pain, I’ve taken to finding the affected hairs and pulling them. Once the affected hair is located and removed, I’ve noticed the hair encased in a thin, transparent layer of fat and the pain is gone. Still, pulling the hairs has resulted in a few bald patches (easily concealed by my curls but still enough to give me pause). How can I regrow hair in those places?

Symptoms: Hair and scalp pain in places where bobby pins were used. Thin layer of fat around hair root once affected hair is removed. Bald patches in places where painful hair and scalp areas were located due to hair pulling.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It seems that the use of your hair styling pains has placed excessive tensile pressure on y our hair. This what is causing the pain and inflammation. Furthermore, based on your description of the hair follicles, you may have developed some mild foliculitis in these areas of your scalp. We recommend that you have this area looked at in person by a doctor to determine if you require any topical antibiotics or corticosteroid treatment. Furthermore, we recommend that you refrain from pulling the hairs out of the affected area as this can continue the inflammation and damage to your scalp. If the hair follicles are not damaged, you can likely experience a full recovery with regrowth of the hair.Thank you for choosing