Scapula pain, Right side chest pain caused by shoulder.

Patient: I’ve had pain in my right shoulder blade for about 2 months now. I haven’t strained it or hurt it in anyway. It’s sometimes hurts all the way to the front of the right side of my chest. I was just laying in bed one night and it started hurting. Nothing seems to stop the pain.

Symptoms: Pain in my right shoulder blade, right side chest pain, scapula pain

Doctor: Welcome to Ask The Doctor.We understand your concern.Usually, such kind of pain that has been described by you occur s in following conditions:1. Cholecystitis – But since your gall bladder is removed, it won’t occur.2. Pleural effusion – You need to get a Chest Xray for that.3. Pericarditis – You need to get an ECG and ECHO to rule out this.4. Muscular Pain – Do hot fomentation and apply Diclofenac ointment locally over there.So, you should see your doctor and share my opinion with him. He would order Xray Chest, ECG, ECHO for you.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy.