Scar Reduction

Patient: Hi there, I have recently had breast surgery (mastopexy) and have been researching scar reduction products. I have learned that aside from laser scar reduction, silicone sheets are most likely the next best thing in assisting to fading the scars. I went on to research various brands and have found that there is an extreme difference in price range between the brands. One brand suggested that there would be an 85% improvement in scar reduction.(Is this correct?) I am wanting to know whether there is a particular medically proven brand that provides a better result or are all silicone sheets manufactured in the same way? Or, is there anther product that would reduce the scar more than silicone sheets? Thankyou in advance! Daniela

Doctor: Silicone sheets have been scientifically shown to reduce scars in clinical research even though the mechanism behind the scar reduction is not clear. ScarAway and Oleeva reportedly have patented technology which adds an advantage over silicone sheets.However, the response to any of these products will vary from individual to individual and cannot be garanteed.Other treatment options to be considered include, laser therapy, cryotherapy, injection of various agents as well as surgical excision. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. To determine which method is right for you the scar needs to be evaluated by a trained professional and the most cost-effective method selected.