Scar treatment (four days after injury)

Patient: I split open my face (just above lip) on Thursday morning at around 5 am on my way back to bed (I tripped over my vacuum cleaner and subsequently slammed my face into a bookshelf). At the time, I thought I had only injured the inside of my mouth, so I crawled back into bed and went to sleep. When I awoke three hours later, I realised that I had a deep laceration to my face so I left immediately for the local medical centre.The doctor assigned to treat me decided to use medical glue to close the wound instead of stitches. He held my cut together while the nurse attempted to apply the glue (I thought he did a very poor job with the glue and the DR had to keep correcting him in his application – the DR tried to allay my fears of a scar by telling me that ‘when I grow out a mustache in the future it will hide it!!!!!!!’ what a muppet).Anyway, the next day I had plans to go out, so, just before I had to leave, I thought it would be okay to remove the steri-strips covering the wound. Unfortunately, I realised a little too late that this was never going to be a good idea, and, before I knew it, I had ripped off the glue prematurely. This left the wound quite wide open superficially (it had healed deeper down I think).So I spent the next three hours trying to push my lip up to close the cut so it would heal to leave a smaller scar. Clearly this wasn’t particularly clever because every time I thought it had closed enough to leave a nice tidy scar, it would widen again whenever I laughed/smiled/tried to eat something.I went to the chemist and bought some wound closure/steri strips and have been applying those alongside antiseptic cream every day, but the scar is clearly going to be wider and deeper than it would be had I allowed the wound to heal with the glue/received stitches.I guess my question is what do I do now? The wound is obviously still healing but it has closed for the most part and has stopped reopening/weeping every time I eat. Is there anything that can be done to treat the scar in this early stage of healing? Or will I have to wait until it has healed more before any effective treatment can be used to minimise its appearance? Is there anything I can do/anyone I can see to help it heal as best as possible? I just feel like such an idiot for ripping off the glue prematurely (and not going back to the medical centre after doing so!!) and am really worried that I will have a nasty depressed scar because of it.. I’ve included two photos of the site. ( I know, it might seem really small and trivial, but its freaking me out :/),Alex

Symptoms: Localised pain

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to ask the doctor.Wound on face very often leaves a scar if not managed properly.Your doctor must have done his best for you that time. But if you developed gaping on manipulation, I recommend you to visit your doctor again so that he can assess the wound and take the steps accordingly.I hope it helps.Take care.