Scared I do not know if I am Pregnant or not.

Patient: Hello, I’m 19 years old, and I have a possible pregnant question? For the past week or two, I have been having bad cramps, as if I’m going to get my period, but I have not yet. My periods are usually abnormal, so I was not too worried at first. Now I’m getting scared. I still get cramps. I have not got my period this month, and usually get it in the beginning of the month but have had it any time of the months in the past. I’m scared to take a pregnancy test, and can’t afford a visit to the doctor. I don’t know of I should suck it up and take a pregnancy test, or wait it out this month. But as the month goes by, I get more and more scared I might be. Could I be pregnant?

Symptoms: Cramps, no period yet,

Doctor: Hello,thanks for contacting askthe doctor.comEven if your periods have been irregular and you are suspecting a po ssible pregnancy during this cycle , then as you have already over shot your due dates by more than a week , i suggest you please take a urine pregnancy test with a home kit and it is available over the counter.The result would atleast not keep you in any dilemma and you would be relieved of the stress which you are undergoing regarding the uncertainty of any outcome. Stress per se can delay your periods further in case you are not pregnant.So gather your courage and get the test done.I hope i have answered your query.wishing you good health,regards