Scaring from spots – ache

Patient: I had a spot coming on my chin, I squezzed it until I had gotten all the puss out and it bleed. I then put spot cream on what my doctor prescriped me with and it stung really bad. Next morning I woke up with a bit of a yellow scab so I thought it was more puss so I squueze it again causing it to give out more puss and then bleed again.mi then put Germaline on it as it was sting everytime I touched it. I woke up this morning it’s sore to touch but has scabbed and I’m scared in case it scares.nive been putting Vaseline on it to soften the scab Im scares incase it scares as its on my chin and very very noticble I know I shouldn’t pick them but I can’t help it is there anything I can use to prevent it scaring.. Thanks beth

Symptoms: Spots