Sciatica and knee pain

Patient: Hello,I have a sciatica injury and I’m taking medicine and B12 injections, but recently I started feeling pain in my patella when going downstairs and sometimes upstairs, is it from sciatica also?is stretching good for solving this problem besides medication ?thanks

Symptoms: Hip soreness with thigh and knee and calf burning and tingling sensation

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.Since I do not have the complete history such as your weight, your occupation and when t he pain started and etc, I can’t help you completely.Here is what you can do in general to help with sciatic pain:Ice the back and use Paracetamol to reduce the swelling in the backStretch and massage the area of the back and the hamstring musclesLose weight with exercise that is not weight loadingTake a lot of fruits and vegetablesSurgery is the last resort in severe painHope this helps.