Scoliosis back brace

Patient: Im 18 year old and was told i have a 17 degree S curve, i was given a back brace to be worn during the day. the main reason why i got a back brace is because my doctor said my growth plates are more closed than open. Question 1. Wouldnt it be better to wear my back brace at night when i grow, then take it off during the day? Question 2. what my doctor said about my growth plates, do i even have a chance of growing?

Symptoms: None, no back pain really

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is better to wear the back brace while you are upright and moving, as this is the way yo ur spine and posture will be corrected. Wearing it while asleep will actually be quite uncomfortable, and may actually be painful on your back. In males, the growth plates usually fuse around the age of 18, thus growth in height will be minimal after this point. Once your scoliosis is corrected, and you maintain good posture, you will regain some of your height due to the fact that your spine is straighter.Thank you for consulting