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Scoliosis curve change after 20 years?

Patient: I’ve had scoliosis since I was 11 (now almost 31). Wore a boston brace in high school, double major curve about 35 top/38 bottom. I’ve been dealing with neck, headache and shoulder problems since February of this year. After 8 weeks pt (neurologist prescribed) and 12+ weekly massage visits I started seeing a chiropractor. Two weeks ago I left my massage feeling great (noon), severe headache started by 3, excruciating pain by my chiropractor appt at 4. He said c1 and c2 had slipped out and twisted. He adjusted and I went home very sore but much better than earlier that day. Ever since that visit my left shoulder, which has been high shoulder for almost 20 years is way lower than right shoulder. Still having pain. Is this any way normal?



Symptoms: Neck pain, headache, muscle pain in back, shoulder pain



Doctor: Thankyou for your question.New onset “excruciating pain” is not normal and always warrants prompt assessme nt and possible investigations.If the pain is in the area of your head, it would be impossible to rule out an aneurysm without being investigated in person and you should see a doctor immediately.If the pain is at the level of your neck or below, it can be the result of muscle spasms or pinched nerves and an injury at C1 C2 would be consistent with that.If your pain is not improved by over the counter muscle relaxants and anti inflammatories, you should see your doctor immediately.If your pain does improve with anti inflammatories and muscle relaxants, then continued visits with your chiropractor should suffice.I hope this was helpful

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Patient: Thank you for your response. I am, however, more so puzzled as to why my scoliosis curve seems to have visibly changed, the high/low shoulder is suddenly opposite what it has been for nearly 20 years, and is in turn causing back pain in different areas than I normally experience.

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