Seasonale Scare

Patient: I have been on Seasonale for 3 years, I had sex with my bf a few times yesterday and he did cum inside me. I did not take my pill yesterday as didn’t have it with me and got stuck in bad weather. I did take 2 pills today. I was on the first week of the pack post menstruation. Am I okay or should I be concerned about getting pregnant? Like is the possibility of me being pregnant now very high?

Doctor: Seasonale is a oral contraceptive pill. If you miss a pill, take 2 pills next day, followed by one pill a day as usually . If you miss for 2 days, take 2 pills for consecutive days, followed by one pill a day. If you miss 3 pills, take one pill a day as usually and discard the missed pills. Risk of pregnancy increases with missed pills and additional contraception is advised to prevent unwanted pregnancy. So you are at risk of pregnancy, so consult your gynecologist for pregnancy test and followup.

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Guest: I don’t use contraceptive pills because I had. a. Tubuligation done 8 years ago and I was pregnant but had a miscarriage around four months ago ! So I don’t need no pils to prevent me from getting pregnant if my tubes are tied , cut and burned but I don’t understand how I got pregnant last time and why I lost our baby