Sebaceous cyst on chest and Increased SGOT and SGPT levels

Patient: I keep getting boils on my armpits and chest. I had such a boil form in March. Approached doc, he gave antibiotics. Inflammation subsided, but puss remained. Then last week approached doc, advised excision and was under medication (Chymoral Forte and Formic-O 200). Was to be done under local anesthesia, but postponed as sebaceous cyst on chest is large (1 and half inch) and needs to be done under general anesthesia. Now no inflammation, only puss filled bulge with slight pain since taking the above mentioned medication. Meanwhile I had given blood sample for a regular checkup. But the following levels are high as per the report – Bilirubin Direct – 0.3 mgdl SGOT (AST) – 55 UL SGPT (ALT) – 56 UL MCV – 85 ESR – 38 mm per hr The other results are as follows – Fasting Blood Sugar – 85 mgdl Cholesterol – 167 mgdl HDL – 50 mgdl LDL – 96 mgdl VLDL – 21 mgdl TriGlycerides – 103 mgdl Urea – 25 mgdl Creatinine – 0.8 mgdl Bilirubin Total – 1 mgdl Alkaline Phosphatase – 187 UL Total Protein – 7 gmdl Serum Albumin – 4.1 gmdl Haemoglobin – 15.4 gmdl TC – 10500 cells per mm Neutrophil – 64% Lymphocyte – 31% Eosinophil – 5% Packed Cell Volume – 46% RBC count – 5.6 million per dl MCH – 28 gmdl MCHC – 33 gmdl Urine colour – pale yellow Urine transparency – clear Urine Albumin – Nil Urine Glucose – Nil WBC cells (U M) – occasional RBC (U M) – Nil Cast (U M) – Nil Crystals (U M) – Nil Misc. (U M) – Nil So I would like to know what could be the possible reasons for those high levels in my blood test and what can be done to rectify them, especially the SGOT and SGPT levels…? Also your opinion on the cyst formations…?

Doctor: Your blood tests reveal increased AST, ALT and Alkaline phosphatase values. This could be due to an intinsic liver probe lm or due to obstruction which is preventing the bile from draining out of the liver. There are many causes for this like hepatitis, gall stones etc. You need to get checked for any acute hepatitis virus and also do an ultrasound of that area to see what is going on. In terms of the cysts formation I would advice you to try and keep that area dry and clean. avoid using any soap or chemicals  like deodrants in the armpits. I hope this helps.