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Patient: I was in a car wreck 1-2-15 and I hurt my left shoulder. My doctor put me on fexeril, norcos, and meloxicam, and put me in physical therapy 3Xs a week. The PT was impossible for me to do I cried each time because it hurt so bad and I was not improving at all, so my doctor stopped it last week. I got a MRI done and went to see an orthopedic surgeon today and he said there was nothing he can do for me other that physical therapy. My doctor thought I had a tear in my router cuff and the Orthopedic surgeon said there was not a tear. I have had no relief in my shoulder since the wreck, I can barley move my arm without major pain, it hurts if someone touches it. The pain has been constant since the wreck and has got worse. The orthopedic surgeon gave me an different muscle relaxer called Skelaxin 800mg. Is that a good muscle relaxer? The flexeril did not help at all, and the norcos helped at first but now they do not help with the pain. I am just looking for some advise, I am really tired of being in so much pain all the time, and do not understand if there is not a tear or anything why I an having so much pain for so long and it is getting worse.




Symptoms: I am having severe left shoulder pain

Doctor: ATDHelloThank you for posting your query on ATD.I have gone through your query and understand your concern. Your major problem seems to be stiffness of the shoulder( probably frozen shoulder).Its treatment is mobilisation exercises of the shoulder. Analgesic and muscle relaxant are given so that it is not painful to have exercises. Once you get a full range of movement then you will be pain-free. Skelaxin is considered to be a moderately strong muscle relaxant, with relatively low incidence of side effects. You are confused about tear. You can investigate it by MRI of it. Hope your query get answered.Wishing you a good health.Take care.

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