See symptoms my health question and symptoms are together

Patient: See symptoms my health question and symptoms are together.

Doctor: Hello,It appears that your query has not been described in detail and hence it’s difficult to offer you a suitable guidance on your concerns.It is hence requested that you may elaborate on your query in detail to allow us to help you in a better manner.Regards

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Patient: I am a 31,year old women fairly healthy. I got my first menstrual period when I was 10 years old. Since I was 14 years old I’ve had heavy period and lots of pain every other month I would have blood cloths coming out and I was told by a doctor that I have polycystic ovarian cysts, every month it will be on a different side. I’ve experience hair loss. I have 3 children and since my 3rd pregnancy 5 years ago my period has gotten a bit better. On occasions its painful and irregular but not as much as when I was a teen. 5 months ago I got this bad headache all over my head I went to see a neurologist and after a physical exam and a ct scan with contrast she said i suffer from migraines. I was prescribed flexeril 10 mg. I take it on and off depends if I need it or not. 4 months after that doctor visit I had a check up with my Obgyn and I told him that on occasions my cheeks and ears will get hot but most of the time if I will look in the mirror I did not see much red or nothing at all, its just that feeling. I also told him it last between mins to hours. I will.sweat and have chills sometimes in stead of feeling hot but I cannot say that the chills or sweat came together with the heat. My Obgyn did lab work for complete hormone panel and a chromogranin A test. He explain that I was too young for menooause. After I read what the chomogranin A test is for I got and I still am really scared to the point that I can’t sleep. I saw photos of flushing faces with people that have neoroendicrine and adrenal tumors and there faces are a deep red color not like mine. Please help. Its confusing since the same symptoms can mean many things

Doctor: well chromogranin A test is done along with 5AIAA test to suspect neuroendocrine tumours or carcinoids. It depends on the result of the test , if its positive the a complete body PET SCAN is required to look for the location of the carcinoid which can be lungs , renal, stomach anywhere. They can be identified with hot spots on PET SCAN. however if negative , then these symptoms can be attributed to general anxiety attacks which have a similar presentation accompanied with palpitations. Menopause is unlikely because if there is a likelihood then during your hormonal profile your FSH & LH hormone VALUES would be more than 30 IU.
It is likely anxiety and can be easily treated with anti anxiety drugs like alprax. please consult your physician for the same,