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Self confidence and sex

Patient: Hi Doc,Being 19, and a virgin, I’m wondering if excessive masturbation has caused me to not want to chase girls. Maybe it’s a self confidence issue.. I want to enjoy sex, but I don’t have the backbone to get it. How do I get over my fears?



Symptoms: no sex



Doctor: Excessive masturbation is not good as it keeps men away from sex. Most of men complaint that they have more pleasure on masturbation than with sex with women. So reduce masturbation and have confidence to proceed for regular sex. If problem persists, consult a psychiatrist for further management.

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Guest: Please help me I lost my virginity and my mom is taking me to a clinic she says if I’m a virgin they won’t test me and I’m supposed to be a virgin. Idk what to do

Guest: Pleaseeee help me she says if I’m not a virgin she will make me move out . I think my hymen is broken.there is no way I can hide it


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