Self harm. When should I seek help at the ER?

Patient: I’ve been cutting myself for a while now. Usually the cuts are small and the bleeding stops after 2 minutes. But today I cut until I saw white flesh. The bleeding was more severe, and lasted 4-5 minutes. My problem is that I don’t know when I should see a doctor for my scars? And my other problem is that my father is a doctor, and I’m so scared that he will find out if I have been to the ER. I know that the doctors don’t have the right to tell him, but I live in a small town, so I’m sure that he will find out if i have been to the ER.I try to take care of my scars, but know I am not sure if I can…. Please help me.I’m seeing a therapist and I’m on medication (Cipralex), but none of this seems to work.


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Guest: The best solution is to continue seeing your therapist and being completely honest with them. Right now, you aren’t in emergency ‘physical’ medical need. But you do need to seek help with depression or whatever it is you are going through. I used to self harm quite badly when I was younger, and still occasionally struggle with it. A trick I learned in a group for victims of self harm that really helped me, is to get a sharpie or marker of some kind whenever you want to cut, and draw the lines on your arm. You aren’t hurting yourself by doing this, and the lines will leave physical proof that you’ve done SOMETHING, and it will help stop the urge to harm yourself. I hope you get better. Love and take care of yourself. You are so much stronger than you know. You mean something to more people than you could ever imagine. And I promise that countless care about you. I care. I hope I’ve helped you.